Knowing if your record is in shape is important especially if you are applying for a job.


         Whenever we apply for a job, it’s possible that the employer may want to investigate our work and personal history through a process called Background check. The exact kind of past information that an employer may check differ widely based on the type of background check conducted.

Similarly the time period required to do the check varies. So if an employer asks for a background check you might want to ask him what kind of check he/she is looking for and how long they believes it will take.

Get an idea of what your record looks like


        One way to get an idea of what type of background checks employers can conduct on you is to get an idea of what public information is available on you.  To do this you can check on your self to see what records you may have this is how.

Trying to run background check on your self to see if you have criminal records?

If you are trying to run background verification on your own self you maybe asking the following questions.

  • Do I have a criminal record?
  • Is the information on the internet hindering my employment?
  • Where can i find information on how to run background verification on my own self online?

Answering these questions is important step towards employment opportunities, especially if you are trying to become a certified teacher, or required by employer to have clean record.

     To get an idea about your public record, based on social security, and name to check your property info, or marriage/divorce information, or even criminal record, you can follow the following step.

Step 1.  Search for your own Background Record


Simply fill out this form if you are looking to run background check on your self to see if you have any records.  Click below, on this banner, you can also run background check

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Alternatively you can ask Tutoring Services Agency to help you run background check on the tutor before tutor arrives to your home.  Agency’s do charge fees but in many case it’s more worth it then doing so on your own.  Make sure you contact reliable local tutoring agency that can provide background check and properly pre-screens your tutor.  If you are residing in CT NY or NJ in Westchester, Fairfield, New Haven or Bergen counties, there is a great Tutoring Company that can do background check for you, company’s name is Tutoring Services, LLC.

If you utilize their home tutoring services, they would help you find local home tutor and run background check and pre-screen the tutor, this is way better type of background check then you would end up doing on your own on any other sites.