What Is the Time Frame for a Record Verification?

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Whenever we apply for a job, it’s possible that the employer may want to investigate our work and personal history through a process called Background check. The exact kind of past information that an employer may check differ widely amongst the employers making background checks. Similarly the time period required to do the check is variable too. So if an employer asks for a background check you might want to ask him what kind of check is he looking for and how long he believes it will take.

Background Check Varieties

There is no single type of background check that all the companies perform on their prospective employees. They not differ in terms of how deep one will go into one`s background but also type of background check that is being performed. Some employers only want to check one`s financial history through credit reports while other would like directly contact a credit history reporting agency for a complete financial background check. The shortest background takes a day, and you get the result the same day you submit your information. On the other hands some others might involve an investigator having in depth questioning with your relative and friend taking more than weeks.

Time Frame Variability

The time frame variability comes with the type of jobs that require background check. The jobs like commercial drivers would have to go through a background test in which one`s criminal record is checked, especially in the state of Michigan. It takes less than 30 days before the report is available and hiring can be made. But on certain circumstances it can take longer than 60 days for certain individuals being checked.

Employer Differences

The background checks also differ with the employers preferences. Some employees, due to the type of job look for information on one`s background that within itself differs a lot. Taking for example a small business that is looking forward to hire a person and wants to check on his/her criminal record, will perform the background check in several different possible ways.

The least an employer can do is simply ask the prospective employee about his/her criminal history. Or get the records from the local court. The most an employer can do to look into one`s background is hire a special investigator to perform the background check. Along with the employer`s preferences the time frame varies as well. Sometimes it takes weeks, on other occasions it takes months.

Background Check Rights

A person holds certain right regarding background check that is being performed on him/her. Fair Credit Report Act places limit on how an employer can investigate one`s credit history. It’s a legal restriction implied federally. Individual documents are required before credit history check can be performed. The employers then have the right to even deny employment to a person depending upon the credit report result. On the other hand employment can be denied just due to reasons that are related to race, religion or country.

What Does a Background Check Verify?

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Along with employers, landlords also like to perform background checks. It’s crucial to understand their history better before they can be offered employment or your property. It’s called playing safe, by doing background check of tenants and employees for a possible risk that may arise from hiring a person or establishing a relationship with him, that does not have a very clean background. Background check is basically information from a person`s public record. But on certain occasions permission of the individual on whom background is being performed is required before any proceedings on the check.

Credit History

Credit history is a certain type of check amongst background checks. It gives an insight on the past credit reports of the individual. For this type of background check, the employer or landlord has to have permission from the individual before any processing. They are going to use the information such as address and the bills history of the person over a certain period of time. If someone is bankrupt or has already filed bankruptcy might also be revealed through the credit report. Any negative information that is part of one`s credit history would prove in rejection of the application for either a job or a house.

Public Records

Along with credit history background check often involve verifying public records. The courts normally provide the public records on individuals’ history. The information that is part of this check is tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, property ownership and criminal records. Court convictions are also part of public records and any possibility of being on the sex offender lists will also be check during verification. This kind of information can used in variable ways, landlords might not rent their house to a convicted individual similar an employer might also not offer job to someone with negative public record.

Driving Record

There is another kind of background that is made on the past driving record of individuals. That is normally performed on the people that apply for a position involving driving, such as commercial driving. Any type of job that would require transportation of people would involve such a test .This is crucial because its important to know if a person does have driving license to be on the road and does not have a negative driving history either.

Past Employment

New employers might also want to know about your past employers and past employment history. Work experiences are verified through this type of background check so that it can be determined of a certain applicant has a clear and positive end of his last job. Landlords on the other hand might use this information to know if a certain person would be able to pay rent on time and does have job that will sustain him for a long period. This information also tells how strong is a certain person`s earning potential.

What Can an Employer Ask in an Interview About Criminal Background?

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There is no single rules that can be applied to all the states when it comes to the criminal history required by the employer before he/she can offer employment to a certain individual. A certain employer can ask a question that would not be legal in other states. The nature of job basically dictates what and how can be asked about a certain person`s legal record.it also is a question of location as laws differ from state to state. Its best to consult a state attorney before proceeding with criminal history of a certain individual.


If you are a business owner and you want to hire an employee, you may ask if he/she has any past criminal convictions. Conviction in simpler word means if a certain individual was found guilty of crime and went through a trial or has gone through a sentence. The sentence can be of variable types, it can be a fine or time spent in jail on some occasions both are considered. The information involves the type as well as the date of conviction of the individual.


Few states have restrictions on what an interviewer can ask an individual.in North Dakota it’s not allowed to about criminal arrests. New Jersey on the other hand does not have such a law and interviewers’ can easily ask such a question. Criminal arrest can be of any time, it may be felony or any offence that involved charges against an individual from the order of district attorney office. The date of the occurrence of the felony as well as its type might already be known when the position is posted.

Crimes Related to the Job

If you are looking forward to hire an employee and the position involved asking about any crimes that might relate to the job somehow, it’s alright to ask relevant questions during the interview. Take for example that you are hiring someone to handling your financials such as cash registers and bank deposits you would not like to hire someone with past stealing charges or identity theft. These cases will directly affect the employer so he may ask about it.

Public Safety

Public safety is important in certain positions so protecting clients safety may be verified by asking questions that are related to it during an interview. For small businesses the entering of homes or driving people, or taking care of children or elders it’s possible to ask the employee about his/her past criminal history. it’s easier to avoid a lawsuit beforehand if you already know all these things about your future employee.

Background Check On Someone

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Tutor Background Check

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Enjoy your own tutor: Living with the Standard

I am going to offer you a simple but direct question.  How will you enjoy your own tutor?

The simple answer is to engage with online background checks by using backgroundcheckonline.com as your cyber portal to personally verify and check the personal background of your desired tutor.  As a matter of cultural tradition, clients who need tutoring help render an extra effort in pasting out attractive signage in open and public places indicating their personal contact numbers in the hope of landing a tutor to help; rightly so, if not most of the time, majority of those who seek tutor help encounter hazardous experiences and after thoughts which is reflective of the otherwise.

Self Check

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Background check: history, reality and legal basis

Essentially, background checks are only vested on our peace keeping forces primarily because they are the only ones trained for it.  Moreover, their instructions such as the police force, the military or perhaps the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are just one of the many to mention whereby a detailed database containing a list of people.  Hence on this juncture, they are the only ones capable of administering background checks. With this primitive style, it can be perceived that there is a slow pace of background checks due to the multitude of people seeking its detective eye services ranging from employers’ requests, tutoring job verification, criminal justice sustenance, moral character confirmation and the like.