Search Background Check and Employment


The global village that we live in is run by individual background checks before any employment is offered. Background checks are made on personal history, past employments, and past academic records. When we talk about government or high security positions, background check is considered a given. The higher the importance of the role offered, the deeper the background check is made.

Types of Background Checks

Following are considered the most common as well as most important types of background check:

    • Criminal/Court Records
    • Past Driving Records
    • Education Information
    • Previous Work References

And if the situation arises to dig deeper than that, the following are also searches through:

    • Past Credit History
    • Sex Offender Records
    • Patriot Act Searches

The employment offers are not just based on clean background records;it’s finalized after assessing the required skills such as industry knowledge and skills for the required placement through the Job Interview. Apart from the these official records, social media is also used to take a deeper look on a person`s personal and employment past.

Background Check Laws and Regulations

The distribution of individual background reports by the third party reports generators are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. All the same if an employer chooses to do the Background Check in-house these laws are no longer applicable, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. The laws also vary from a State to the other State. There are individual labor codes for regulation of background checks. Yet almost all states require complete background check if a job involves working with minors, elderly as well as special people.

Advantages of Background Checks

       ADP screening and Selection services conducted a study in the year 2008.According to this study more than fifty background checks revealed that the retail job applicants’ given data was not concurrent with the actual education as well as work histories. Along with that more than 8% also had a past criminal record and around 9% have in past claimed worker`s compensation. This data revealed how a complete background check can help a company in the long run.

Verifying candidates is important it saves a company from future litigation and hiring negligence can be avoided to the maximum. The human resource gets the chance to work in a secure environment and the company` valuables as well as PR remains stain free.

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Disadvantages of Background Checks

Apart from all the great advantages comes a hefty price for running the given process. He normal price range for background check varies from as low as 10$ to a hefty 300$ depending on the fact how deep one wants to go. on the other hand offers free 4 days of using the records, by only giving 1$ on the first day.

    Apart from the dollar price of the checks some people do not like anyone peeking in their personal records and some highly qualified candidates also get offended due to the practice. So a company may lose an efficient future resource by running such a check. And some highly capable and responsible have to pay for what they accidentally did in the past and are no longer doing or intend to do.