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Public Records

Public Records are documents which are not confidential and is accessible to the public, thus, a great tool for various background check online services. It provides access to numerous personal information regarding an individual for further reference during job applications and other transactions. Note that public records may contain numerous data ranging from tax data, criminal records as well as personal information such as marriage and education. However, despite being noted as a data accessible to the public, background check laws pose certain restrictions in accessing such information be it online or through a public records officer. One of the most common background check laws imposed in some cities and states affirm that public records are not to be disclosed without any consent from the owner.

 With the advancement of the technological era, the internet has become a hub for vital information which has been inaccessible by the public the past 30 years and has provided a great deal of improvement on businesses and employment. Public Records websites have served numerous individuals for various purposes; yet, background check laws are still intact and should always be so. During job applications and recruitment, most businesses, companies or even regular parents who wish to employ tutors require more than just the regular documents when applicants are applying for the position. These days, most are required to provide their public records and personal information for additional data to ensure an individual’s legitimacy, company security and personal safety.

 It is extremely vital for companies to gain access to public records as well as background check online services. With the help of such tools, a business, be it small or big, steers clear of hiring individuals with criminal records or those with certain personal data unfit for the job. The success of a business lies not only from profits but also from employee productivity. Hiring the right individuals for the job through background check online and public records ensure not only the safety of your employees, yourself and your family but also ensures profit and progress through employee productivity. offers the most prominent and current national criminal database for any public records and personal information search for any individual be it for human resource or your property rental business. Our online database provides our clients the data they need to effectively evaluate potential job applicants and customers to reduce risk and outlandish costs in the long run.