Along with employers, landlords also like to perform background checks. It’s crucial to understand their history better before they can be offered employment or your property. It’s called playing safe, by doing background check of tenants and employees for a possible risk that may arise from hiring a person or establishing a relationship with him, that does not have a very clean background. Background check is basically information from a person`s public record. But on certain occasions permission of the individual on whom background is being performed is required before any proceedings on the check.

Credit History

Credit history is a certain type of check amongst background checks. It gives an insight on the past credit reports of the individual. For this type of background check, the employer or landlord has to have permission from the individual before any processing. They are going to use the information such as address and the bills history of the person over a certain period of time. If someone is bankrupt or has already filed bankruptcy might also be revealed through the credit report. Any negative information that is part of one`s credit history would prove in rejection of the application for either a job or a house.

Public Records

Along with credit history background check often involve verifying public records. The courts normally provide the public records on individuals’ history. The information that is part of this check is tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, property ownership and criminal records. Court convictions are also part of public records and any possibility of being on the sex offender lists will also be check during verification. This kind of information can used in variable ways, landlords might not rent their house to a convicted individual similar an employer might also not offer job to someone with negative public record.

Driving Record

There is another kind of background that is made on the past driving record of individuals. That is normally performed on the people that apply for a position involving driving, such as commercial driving. Any type of job that would require transportation of people would involve such a test .This is crucial because its important to know if a person does have driving license to be on the road and does not have a negative driving history either.

Past Employment

New employers might also want to know about your past employers and past employment history. Work experiences are verified through this type of background check so that it can be determined of a certain applicant has a clear and positive end of his last job. Landlords on the other hand might use this information to know if a certain person would be able to pay rent on time and does have job that will sustain him for a long period. This information also tells how strong is a certain person`s earning potential.

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