Solution for Background Check Vendors in USA


Background Check Vendors deal with different clients for whom they run background checks constantly either public record background checks, or additional educational verification background checks or verifying if candidate is in the sex offender database.

However partial trouble with investigator companies is that they do not have reliable method to search for their candidates by state, by zip code, by city.   Clients turn to such companies, however such companies have trouble keeping track of who they ran background check and who they did not run background check on.

Some investigators also pre-screen candidates during background check based on variety of criteria typically defined by the client’s industry. Some background check vendors focus on real estate some on education industry some on tenants, list goes on and goes on.

North East Analysis and Tutoring Services, LLC, DBA Binary Fusion company teamed up together to provide reliable solutions to such companies, solutions for investigators include.

Custom in house Search Engine and Records Tracking Search Engine

Helping investigators pre-screen candidates over ipad, android, or PC

Customized website search engine that can be hosted on a Linux platform in customer’s internal premises, allowing investigators to have searchable database of candidates who they run background check on, by state, city and zip code.

Hosted Search Engine for Investigator includes the following functions.

Definition: Candidate is who Background Check Vendor investigates, for the purpose of providing service to the client and making money.

Benefits for investigators

Investigator is the company or the person who runs background check on the candidate.

  1. Enter candidates into platform or have candidates register and provide all the necessary info such as about me, educational diplomas, achievement diplomas, languages they speak, resume , State of Residence, state, as well as any other custom fields such as Social Security, address
  2. It allows investigators to easily search candidates on record to see who pre-screened who is not.
  3. It allows investigators to even create customized set of tests and tutorials for each candidate, to see how well investigated users score on these tests, good example would be personality trait tests, or other specific tests based on the industry background check investigators working with.
  4. System pulls all of the tests, tutorials associated with the specific user on who background check was pulled and shows associated tests, tutorials all in one profile.
  5. System allows candidate to even upload pic, that is automatically cropped and/or intro video of themselves.
  6. System allows for custom search variables, based on candidates specific set of attributes, in another words if there is something that needs to be known about the candidate it can be searched by, for example if candidate scored well on specific personality test above certain score, etc.
  7. Investigators can share links to the candidate profiles.
  8. System has profile completeness checker to see how much of the fields were complete by the candidate
  9. This module allows to cross compare candidates and present them to clients


Pre-Screening Video Conferencing and Voice Presenting Module

Benefits For Investigators.

Pre-screening module allows investigators to pre-screen their candidates over video and audio whiteboard, save videos associated with the candidate all in one platform, for easier access and later reviewing, as well as make it possible to sketch notes during pre-screening, import other pictures from IPAD or Android device or Microsoft Surface Pro.

Investigators can now meet with candidates, have video record itself automatically when both parties join, with video automatically being associated with candidate’s profile.

Investigators can share these videos with their clients and showing them clients who they pre-screened to provide higher assurance, and generate additional revenue stream from video pre-screening.

Investigators can record tutorials for other investigator admins to get familiar with work flow process for example, the concept of creating tutorial is done over whiteboard, tutorial can be in the form of real time whiteboard sketching and voice with video, or whiteboard sketches with images with voice over narration.

Investigators can also use whiteboard to present ideas to other admins, have video conferencing calls, and have calls with clients, through IPAD or Android or Microsoft Surface Pro.

Investigators can even share desktop with other party who they are presenting to showing other party presentation of power point, while simultaneously using whiteboard to show other sketches using pen stylus especially useful of Microsoft Surface Pro.

This module would automatically record per-screening session, the same instance both parties join, i.e investigator and the candidate.

Recorded videos can be erased or accessed at later time by investigator and be associated with specific candidate’s automatically within specific profile.

Screen Capture + Time Sheet tracking module

Benefits For Investigators.

Investigators can track of their employees, and even have their employees searchable.

Automated screen shot capture utility can keep track of employees and make it easy for investigators to see who is doing what.

Desktop sharing is also integrated with pre-screening whiteboard module allowing candidates to share desktops, record presentations and keep it all on record.

Custom workflow Processes integration to comply with FCRA regulations

To hold up to FCRA regulations, investigators must make sure that they update their records and notify candidates of doing so if candidate declared record inaccurate, background check companies.

There are multiple challenges that simply difficult to achieve without proper tools.

We already created similar tools, for Tutoring Services, LLC DBA Binary Fusion Company and use these tools ourselves and formed a team with North East Analysis IT solutions and Services Company to carry over our tools deliver robust background checking engine to Background Check Vendors. For more info about our IT Consulting Solutions visit NetworkConsultant.NET and to request a quote for this solution for Background Check Vendors visits NetworkConsultant.NET to request a quote or a demo.

Additionally we provide support for the solution and custom integration services, ranging from backup solutions integrated Linux Server monitoring hosted in customer premises and best of all reliable IT Consulting Company to help with the integration services.. Additional licensing terms apply for pre-screening module.  Also to see how Tutoring Services, LLC uses pre-screening method and background check process for educational industry feel free to visit it shows great example of how we pre-screen our tutors.