Whenever we apply for a job, it’s possible that the employer may want to investigate our work and personal history through a process called Background check. The exact kind of past information that an employer may check differ widely amongst the employers making background checks. Similarly the time period required to do the check is variable too. So if an employer asks for a background check you might want to ask him what kind of check is he looking for and how long he believes it will take.

Background Check Varieties

There is no single type of background check that all the companies perform on their prospective employees. They not differ in terms of how deep one will go into one`s background but also type of background check that is being performed. Some employers only want to check one`s financial history through credit reports while other would like directly contact a credit history reporting agency for a complete financial background check. The shortest background takes a day, and you get the result the same day you submit your information. On the other hands some others might involve an investigator having in depth questioning with your relative and friend taking more than weeks.

Time Frame Variability

The time frame variability comes with the type of jobs that require background check. The jobs like commercial drivers would have to go through a background test in which one`s criminal record is checked, especially in the state of Michigan. It takes less than 30 days before the report is available and hiring can be made. But on certain circumstances it can take longer than 60 days for certain individuals being checked.

Employer Differences

The background checks also differ with the employers preferences. Some employees, due to the type of job look for information on one`s background that within itself differs a lot. Taking for example a small business that is looking forward to hire a person and wants to check on his/her criminal record, will perform the background check in several different possible ways.

The least an employer can do is simply ask the prospective employee about his/her criminal history. Or get the records from the local court. The most an employer can do to look into one`s background is hire a special investigator to perform the background check. Along with the employer`s preferences the time frame varies as well. Sometimes it takes weeks, on other occasions it takes months.

Background Check Rights

A person holds certain right regarding background check that is being performed on him/her. Fair Credit Report Act places limit on how an employer can investigate one`s credit history. It’s a legal restriction implied federally. Individual documents are required before credit history check can be performed. The employers then have the right to even deny employment to a person depending upon the credit report result. On the other hand employment can be denied just due to reasons that are related to race, religion or country.

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