The Online Background Check: It is a serious business service, way more serious than what a lot of spammers across the web have to offer. When we talk about Modern America, we know that a clean background Record is crucial if we talk about employment, residence as well as loans or mortgages. The sad fact is due to its importance in an American`s life, cottage industry of scalawags has developed, all set to steal away an individual`s personal information. On the other hand, there are legitimate background check websites that does not only provide accurate information but keeps privacy as well as personal security intact.

Nuts and Bolts of a Background Check

Online Background Check normally involves the following information:

  • -Civil Records
  • -Criminal Records,li>
  • -Past Personal Information
  • -Past Employment Records

If it comes to occasions where government security clearance is involved, the following are also part of the background check:

  • -Past Interviews
  • -Medical Inspection

It’s a given, the background check is done by the individual`s permission. Sometimes the primary information is provided by the person himself/herself. A background check record is based on the -information given below:

  • – First & Last Name
  • -Birth Date
  • -Social Security Number
  • -Current/Permanent Address
  • -Past Employment History
  • -Driver license/State Identification Number (occasionally)

Background Check Scam Alert

All the information normally required while applying for a loan or a charge account, is also the information needed as an input to background check. It’s a common case for people to use a single password for a lot of different accounts and occasions. And this is no secret to the scammers out there. With the help of their shady means they offer employment or loans in exchange of personal information, stealing the crucial data.

The Fake Background Check

The Online world is a scads of fake background check websites. How not to get caught in their trap? Look out for the kind of information the background check website asks for. A legitimate background check website would never ask for your financial information or any kind of payment information. Normally the employment offers cover the background check fees. Absence of Secure connections is also a sign the website may not be save for private information. HTTPS is what a secure website address starts with. The fake sites also tend to have poor grammar as well as spellings, because they are normally not from English speaking countries. It’s always a good idea to call your employer about any background check being run on your personal information if the need may arise.

The legit background check

The legit background sites are normally NOT stand alone; they are affiliated with trusted and secure websites. Or in other words connect with trusted background check sites through internal links. It’s also a good idea to get to know about the legit background check services from the leading industry journals.