There is no second opinion about how significant Background Checks are when we are talking about the best hiring tools. All the applicants can be sifted through the background checks to get rid of the applications with inadequate backgrounds. Not before long, the companies had to wait for long periods before the background check reports would be available for them. Only when they were there in the mailbox they could proceed with the recruitment. Today, on the other hand, there are several verified companies who make the process way more easier and shorter by offering background check online and quite quickly too

For companies that are looking forward to get the background check done, they can follow the steps given below:

Step 1

Start off by researching and putting together all the companies you want to consider to conduct background check on your applicants. Prioritize them according to the services offered by them as well as the price. Since there is a lot of variations according to these factors its best to find more than few websites before you start ticking off the ones you do not want to go with.

Step 2

Once you have your finalized list of background check websites you will have to register with them, one by one. Most of them will ask for business license as well as registration due to the legal restrictions. They might also verify the company`s presence by the given address and phone number as well. The legit background check companies will also ask for a small registration fee. It’s good to have all the business information ready.

Step 3

Once registered, place your Background check request. You will have to keep your applicants data ready as it will asked promptly once you place request for background information. Also according to the number of applicants as well as the frequency of background checks required you will have to pick one of the many packages that suit you best. If you do not do background checks often its best to go for the most basic package or if you would want to do background check on regular basis, there’s always a package for such customers as well with discounted price.


One of the verified online background check company is which offers the extensive background checks on reasonable prices. Beware of websites that claim to have free background checks. Criminal record checks always require a fee, as set forth by the Freedom of Information Act.