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What Does an Online Background Check Consist Of?

In today’s technologically advanced society, the Internet opens a wide array of opportunities for individuals to take advantage of. From doing basic things such as shopping online to more advanced instances of performing online research, the Internet offers us things which were never available in the past. One such thing which we can

accomplish via the World Wide Web is to perform background checks on individuals. Some may wonder what these checks consist of, and the following will detail what a background check will accomplish.

Why use Background Check Online?

    • Access Your Public Records
    • Nationwide Records Check
    • Increase Human Resource Quality
    • Secure The Workplace
    • Reduce Hiring Negligence
    • Reduce Employee turnover rate
    • Avoid Negative Publicity
    • Meet Regulatory, Insurance, And Customer Requirements

Gathers Necessary Information for a Wide Array of Purposes

        First and foremost, a background check is a way to gather information for a wide array of purposes. Background checks provide important pieces of information on others such as their legal name, address of residence, business address, occupation and so much more. Each background check company will perform checks based on their own criteria; therefore you should determine that the company will provide you with all that you need before obtaining a background check on an individual from that company. However, most companies will offer reports which consist of a variety of pieces of information which makes the background check complete and inclusive overall.

Remove false information from your background record:

    • State records: You may have to contact each appropriate public agencies to fix the mistakes on your file. Examples of state records are: driving, judgments, criminal,tax, liens, court, small claims and bankruptcy records, as well as birth,death,marriage and divorce. State record also manages property information including real estate and vehicles.
    • Credit Agencies: The three credit reporting agencies are Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. The law says that you can receive a free copy of your credit report once every twelve months. To change information on your report you must write a letter to all 3 agencies to dispute the claim, include copies of supporting documents if you can, then you must wait for them to analyze and investigate your claim and make the appropriate changes. If changes are made you may then request a free report to verify.
    • Block Searches: Some background check services allow you to opt-out of their database. They say that they cannot block your name from every search type but they can from most of them. Most background record services require that you send them your social,name and middle initial, aliases, present and past addresses and your DOB. Keep in mind,that for total protection you will have to make a request with every reporting service separately.